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Кем я только не была в своей жизни, что только  не делала. Была умной и дурой, святой и грешной, успешной и разочарованной в своих способностях. Но как бы то ни было, это привело меня ко мне сегодняшней: жене, матери, свекрови,  бабушке. Я – пишу  книжки  и у меня всё ещё есть друзья в реальном мире.

воскресенье, 14 октября 2012 г.

Alaska story

    "Whitey" Morton once had nice little home in Anchor Point, Alaska. One cold, winter night he decided to feed the wiled rabbits some left over vegetables. It was necessary to feed them at night and off in the brush so the eagles wouldn't swoop down and get them.
   As Whitey turned to throw the vegetables, he suddenly stepped in a hole in the snow bank. At that moment he fell down and was injured.
@It was cold and icy and slick", Whitey recalls. But when everything looked as if it took a turn for the worst, whitey'a dog Tasha was always by his side.
    whitey began to make the crawl back to his house. When he finally got out of the hole, he crawled on his knees and elbows about 400 feet toward the house. At that point he was almost to the house, but he was completely exhausted.
@I laid down and...that was it, that was gonna be it. I completely gave up..." Whitey quietly remembers. Even when he was giving up hope, Tasha kept licking his face. But it wasn't until she nipped him on the nose that he came to saying, " if you love me that much baby, help me get out of here and get to the cabin".
    Whitey unbuttoned his collar to let Tasha help drug him back to the cabin. Between Whitey and Tasha'a efforts, Whitey crawled the 30 feet back to the house and hollered for help.
"What is the heck happened with you?" When Whitey didn't answer, the man grabbed him up and carried him into the house.
   Soon after that 911 was called and the medics flooded Whitey's house. They worked to warm him up because his body temperature was very cold. Whitey was then transferred  to a hospital to get better.
    Even inthe hospital, Tasha was never far away. Whitey's children would bring Tasha to the hospital and sneak her in the back door. When Whitey finally returned home after his long hospital stay, Tasha made sure to never leave his side&
"She had to be with me every step I took," Whitey recalls.
    Due to Whitey's injuries, it was important for him to have 24-hour care. Whitey began looking for a facility to leav in. And you bet that Tasha would go with him. So when Whitey moved into Horizon House, Tasha, too, was welcomed with opened arms. As any hero should be.
   While Whitey's story is one of close calls and surviving the harsh times in Alaskan, it is also one of friendship. An unwavering  and true friendship that can all admire.
Thank you Whitey for sharing your story and sharing Tasha with all us.

(Forget-Me-Not news. Anchorage, Alaska.)

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